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Wood Floor Restoration in Pawtucket, RI

The distressed floor look isn't for every style of décor. And you can fake it only so long. If your floors have seen better days, you can trust the professionals at OK Floors to restore your floors like new. For 12 years, we have specialized in the cleaning, repair and restoration of your hardwood and laminate floors.

Floor Restoration

For the treatment of scratches, dents, gouges and permanent discolorations in your hardwood floors we are the experts to call to sand and refinish them.

Floor Maintenance

To maintain your floors immaculate appearance, we specialize in polishing, waxing, and cleaning hardwood and laminate floors.

Business Offices and Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, it is essential to make sure your floors are in their best condition. It is a better use of your property management budget to make sure a professional floor care company than it is to purchase equipment to let untrained individuals use.